Cause of Jins Shamsudin's death revealed: He choked on his favourite banana snack

The legendary 81-year-old actor, Tan Sri Jins Shamsudin was delighted to be served cucur kodok pisang (fried banana dumplings) --- his favourite tea-time snack --- by his 58-year-old wife, Puan Seri Halijah Abdullah. 

Little did anyone suspect that it could be his last meal. 

He choked on his food and could not breathe, reports Asia News Network via AsiaOne

Jins Shamsudin was subsequently rushed to a clinic near his house at Kampung Pasir, Hulu Klang in Malaysia, where he was pronounced dead last Wednesday (Mar 1) at 5.45pm. 

His widow, Halijah told reporters that she could not believe that munching on a snack could have led to her husband’s demise. 

Said Halijah:

"When he was healthier, he used to like eating cucur kodok a lot.

"But after he fell sick, I never served it to him. On Wednesday, I felt like giving in.

"It's an unsettling feeling as it was I who served it to Jins."

Halijah said her husband ate three pieces and when he was fed the fourth, he suddenly became quiet:

"I told him to spit it out as I could feel he was choking but he did not open his mouth.

"I patted his back and the piece fell out.

"I gave him water and after that he vomited until he passed out.

"At that time he had turned pale." 

Jins, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2011, was buried at the Masjid Al-Ridhuan cemetery in Hulu Klang yesterday morning.

Watch a video on the story below.