Burmese infant dies after getting thrown into empty creek by drunk father

Alcohol proved to be the root of evil as a drunk Burmese man threw his infant daughter into an empty creek.

The tragedy happened on Tuesday (May 23) in the village of Shan Kone Sone, Mogok in Myanmar, reports Coconuts Yangon

The infant was retrieved, but suffered a cracked head and serious injuries, dying after she was conveyed to Mogok Hospital in the same day. 

The 26-year-old man had reportedly showed up at his ex-wife’s home, drunk.

He told his ex-wife that he wanted to hold his daughter, but ran out of the house when he got hold of the baby. 

He then stopped at an empty creek 30m from the house and threw the innocent baby down the 15m-high creek.

The Mogok Regional Police Station initially charged the culprit for attempted murder under Section 307 of the Myanmar Penal Code.

However, when the child died, they amended the case to a murder charge under Section 302.