British man who beat Chinese GF to death reveals grisly details of her murder: 'I just lost it'

Jordan Matthews, 24, who has been found guilty of murder after beating his Chinese girlfriend to death has revealed more chilling details of what happened in an eerie confession video.

The "vicious, sustained and prolonged attack" occurred in the couple's Wales apartment on Aug 19, 2016 at around 1.30am, after an argument.

The dispute apparently started after Matthews saw a Tinder message on Bi Xixi's phone that led him to believe that she had been cheating on him.

Bi, who was also 24 and from Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, was found with 41 injuries that included severe bruising, multiple fractures and a broken jaw and ribs.

According to Elite Daily, she did not collapse until 8.30am, which was when Matthews called emergency services. Bi was rushed to hospital but died the following day.

When doctors examined the victim's body, they also discovered nine previous rib fractures as well as a healing jaw fracture, courtesy of her abusive boyfriend.

In a police interviews, Matthews -- who is reportedly a black belt in karate -- detailed the savage attack and revealed how he 'lost it'

He said, "I grabbed her by the front of the T-shirt with two hands and picked her up off the sofa, then I dragged her with one hand around the sofa and threw her into the bedroom.

"Then I picked her up from there and threw her into a cabinet. I picked her up from there and I punched her in the stomach. She said something, I can’t put my finger on it."

Earlier reports of Matthews' abusive behaviour allege that he would force Bi to skip classes and hit her, in spite of her generosity as well as how she showered him with lavish gifts that included a car.

He also sent her texts calling her a "worthless piece of shit" and saying, "I have to hit you repeatedly in the head while screaming at you."

The couple met in 2015 when Matthews was unemployed, while Bi is the daughter of wealthy parents in China.

The gifted student, who spoke four languages, had been working on her master's degree in international business at Cardiff Metropolitan University and was due to run her family’s company one day.

Bi's brother said in a statement that was read aloud in court, "She was intelligent and had the whole world in front of her. All this taken from her, due to Jordan Matthews and his selfish and violent attack on my sister. The heart has been ripped out of our family."

Matthews pleaded guilty to manslaughter but denied committing murder, but the jury rejected his plea. He will be serving a minimum sentence of 18 years in jail.