"Boycott this moron": Chinese woman vandalises Korean supermarket out of 'patriotism' but netizens are not impressed

A video of a woman making mischief in a Korean supermarket in Shenyang, China has provoked the ire of netizens.

In the video, she is seen purposely crushing chips in packets, half eating and drinking food and then putting them back on the shelf at a Lotte Mart.

She then ends the video by showing the middle finger on both hands as a patriotic song plays in the background.

According to Shanghaiist, she wanted to express her outrage at the company for its decision to provide the Seoul government with land to build the US-backed (THAAD Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) missile defence system.

However, instead of respecting her show of 'patriotism', netizens have slammed her instead.

"Boycott Korean goods? First boycott this moron," wrote a netizen on one Weibo thread on the video.

"This so-called patriotism is just vandalism in disguise," said another.

The footage has caught the attention of local police who are investigating the incident, calling the woman's actions both "stupid and wrong".