Boy in Thailand cries in agony as mother holds him down with her foot and ties him to roadside railing

A shocking video has emerged showing a mother holding her son's head under her foot while tying him to a roadside railing in Thailand.

According to The Coverage, the incident took place outside a food market in the Nonthaburi province near Bangkok.

A netizen saw what happened and uploaded the woman's cruel act on YouTube.

In the video, the boy can be seen bending over the railing while seated down as his mother was pressing down his head with her foot.

The boy was crying in agony. He can also be heard saying ‘I cannot breathe, I cannot breath’ while he was being tied up.

As the video progresses, the boy's mother started to wrap a thick string around his head, arms and back.

She then releases his head from under her foot toward the end of the video, but did not free him from the strings.

The video has since been handed over to the authorities.

Said a police spokesperson:

"The mother has a bad heart. She did something really bad. Is this what a mum should be doing?