Boy in China literally crucified in the street by his parents for not doing his homework

Kids, if your parents tell you to finish your homework, you might want to take them seriously.

For they might just might end crucifying you, like this kid's parents in China.

A photo of a young boy kneeling on a plastic crate in the street with his arms and back taped to a wooden cross began circulating on WeChat groups in Chongqing recently.

A Chongqing Evening News reporter who went to investigate and found out that the boy's parents owned a small fruit store in Chongqing.

The kid's father said the crucifixion was a joke and that he could not understand what all the fuss was about, reports Shanghaiist.

A passer-by had mistaken the joke for torture and snapped the photo, he explained.

Neighbours, however, said the boy's parents were extremely strict and had tied him to the cross as punishment for not doing his homework.

The reporter later found himself in the middle of an argument between the boy's father and a neighbour, with the former accusing the latter of invading his privacy by taking the photo.