'Atas' Chinese woman vents frustration the only way she knows how: Throwing RM10,000 on streets

A Chinese woman was so angry that she decided to throw cash onto the streets while crossing an intersection in Chongqing, China, last Sunday (Mar 12).

CCTV footage showed the woman who was seemingly in a bad mood, taking out stacks of cash from her handbag and scattering the money, reports World of Buzz

Passers-by were confused by the woman’s bizarre antics and called the cops.

Officers arrived promptly on the scene to help pick up the cash.

A total of RMB 16,369 (S$3,321) was collected.

The police has since addressed the incident: "In the afternoon, a long-haired woman, wearing a leather jacket and shorts, walked out of a pharmacy and onto the pedestrian crossing. 

"She then stopped and took handfuls of notes from her tote bag and tossed them on the street."

When officers located the woman and asked her why she had thrown so much money on the streets, the woman reportedly told them that ‘she was in a bad mood.’

Watch a video on the event below.