Anita Yuen's son brings chronically ill kid to amusement park

Anita Yuen attended a children charity event at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong on Friday (May 12). 

While on stage, the mother recounted how her 10-year-old son, Morton Cheung had recently brought a child with acute kidney failure, from Mainland China to an amusement park, a task that Anita was originally supposed to do, reports Jayne Stars

Said Anita, with smile on her face:

“He told me to bring him along because I don’t know how to hang out with kids.”

“Teaching him about charity has been very useful.

“I’m very touched.

“When I told him that I’ll be going to this event he even asked me why I’m not bringing him along. 

“He remembers and reaches out to help.

“Even as a kid who was raised in the city and surrounded by technology his whole life, he still remembers to do this.

“I’m very happy and I think I have done an acceptable job as a mother.”

According to Anita, Morton took the initiative to visit the sick child in the hospital and would also volunteer to help out at his mother’s charity events. 

She said:

“I promised to let him know about other projects where we can work together.”