Angry driver in China uses knife to threaten motorist who blocked him and hits her car 6 times

A male driver in Guangdong, China, took things to the extreme after his vehicle was blocked by another car at around 8.40am on May 17. 

According to Shanghaiist, the driver threatened the female motorist operating the car that blocked him with a knife and rammed into hit her vehicle no less than six times.

In a video uploaded on Facebook, both vehicles can be first seen travelling in opposite directions in a narrow alley.

The male driver for some reason thought that it will be a good idea to hit the front of the car that was blocking him, and did so.

The female driver in the car alighted to confront her fellow road-user.

The latter responded by hitting her car a second time, this time even pushing her car back.

Things got a little more violent thereafter. The male driver alighted and picked up a knife at a stall beside his car. He pointed the sharp tool at the driver and a passerby who chided him for his actions.

Thankfully, he did not do anything foolish with the knife and got back into his vehicle.

He then hit the woman's car four more times before the video ends.

Police are now searching for the male driver following his rash and questionable act.