America's most terrifying hotel has over 500 creepy clowns watching you -- and a cemetery

Planning on taking a trip to America? Why not give yourself more things to worry about than just the travel ban? 

Tonopah is a town literally kilometres away from anywhere.

But you don’t worry about that, because you won’t be lonely at the Clown Motel, even if you wish you were.

The motel office has over 500 clowns on display, and there’s even a stuffed, life-sized clown that sits in a chair in the lobby. 

Once you walk in, you are immediately greeted by about 500 different toy clowns.

They’re everywhere, and they’re always watching, reports Caveman Circus.

Every room is clown-themed. There are clowns on the doors and portraits of famous clowns hang on the walls.

As luck would have it, the Clown Motel is located right next to an old cemetery. 

Just in case the clowns don't creep you out, the nice view of one of the many wooden-and-tin headstones marking the dusty graves might just do that.

However, the motel and the cemetery are both seemingly devoid of supernatural happenings.

Most of the reviews of the motel just note the free WiFi and “mini breakfast.”