American school employee fired for correcting student's spelling on Twitter

A staff member of a school in North Carolina, USA has been fired after posting a reply on Twitter.

She had 'sassily' replied to a student asking to "close school tammarow PLEASE" with, "but then how would you learn how to spell "tomorrow"? :)".

The tweet acquired thousands of retweets and likes but caused her to be called in by her bosses.

She was officially terminated soon after.

According to Distractify, Katie Nash, 34, had been hired to manage the district's school's social media accounts.

She had been given feedback from a focus group made up of students that the tweeting was "flat" and they were looking for more engagement.

She said:

"The students were looking for us to tweet back at them and I really took that to heart because I know that I am a little bit older and maybe not as hip as some of the students are, so I took that to heart and I took that feedback in."

The tweet seemed to have gone well with her students who thought it was funny, a sentiment not shared by her higher-ups.

She was made to delete the tweet before she left.