Ad that Andy Lau got injured filming for released -- with all horse-riding scenes cut

Wednesday, Mar 22, 2017

The commercial starring Hong Kong star Andy Lau, who was seriously injured in a horse-riding incident during its filming, has been released.

Lau, 55, was thrown off a horse and stomped on while filming the advertisement in Thailand earlier this year. He suffered multiple fractures in his pelvis and strained his tendon and muscle.

However, the commercial, which promotes a green tea drink, did not feature 'even the shadow of any horse', Lianhe Wanbao reported.

The clip sees Lau, who plays a cowboy, step onto an open field to show off his shooting prowess. He loads bullets into a rifle before taking aim at multiple discs in the air, with each shot hitting the target.

The scene then changes, showing him sitting in a wooden shed while drinking from a bottle of the green tea.

Various Chinese media outlets pointed out that the 30-second clip did not feature any scenes of him riding a horse. People's Daily speculated that the scenes may have been edited out and cut from the final version to ensure that fans do not negatively associate the commercial with his injury.

The full commercial was posted on Facebook on Sunday (Mar 20), and has been viewed over 53,000 times so far.

Following the incident, Lau spent 53 days in hospital before he was finally discharged on Mar 10. He is currently recuperating at home.

Last Saturday, he gave fans an update on the progress of his rehabilitation, writing on his personal blog: "Every day I'm sitting a little bit longer. Every day I'm standing a little bit longer. One day I'll take the first step. I'm tough!"