A mattress came flying at him -- but watch how this Aussie biker deals with it like a boss

8 April 2017

This Australian motorcyclist has a whole lot of lucky stars to thank.

Aaron Wood was riding behind a truck transporting two mattresses in Ipswich, Queensland last Tuesday (Mar 28) when the top one got blown over and flew directly towards him.

But somehow, instead of hitting him, the mattress got caught under his bike and he managed to come to a stop safely.

Two Good Samaritans later stopped and got out their car to help Wood pull the stuck mattress out of his bike, video footage released by Queensland Police Service shows.

Wood survived the dramatic accident with cuts to his hands - he told The Queensland Times he had unknowingly ripped the rubber grips off the handlebars of his bike.

"I thought I was a goner for sure," he was quoted as saying.