61-year-old Chinese uncle creates new exercise which involves 'hanging' himself, claims it cures diseases

A elderly Chinese man has created an unique set of movements which he claims is capable of curing various ailments. 

The movements involve tying a rope to a exercise machine, and then using the contraption to slowly raise the person’s head, leaving his feet dangling in midair, reports Lianhe Wanbao

Netizens have commented the act is akin to hanging or suicide. 

The 61-year-old man claimed that after four months of practising his self-created marital arts, many of his back and neck aches have stopped, but admits that the movements may be too dangerous for the laymen, which was why he chose to keep mum about it and practise on it secretly by himself. 

A video of the man in action was taken by a passerby and uploaded online.

The set involved many difficult moves, such as hanging himself by his neck while suspended, and a slow ‘space walk’, even using ropes to bind both his legs whilst upside down. 

His theatrics have attracted the gaze of many passerby who were puzzled by the bizarre sight. 

After watching the video, many netizens commented that he no longer had to keep his practising of skill a secret anymore, and that ‘everyone knows about it now.’

Some also expressed concern at health hazard that the movements may pose.

Said one netizen:

“The action is right, but can his neck withstand it?”

Another netizen added:

“What if his neck breaks while he is swinging?”