60-year-old Malaysian man's charred remains found in burnt vehicle after his mother refused to hand over property to him

A 60-year-old Malaysian man Ting Ching King’s charred remains were found last Sunday (Jan 16) in a burnt car at an oil palm planation that was owned by the victim’s mother . 

King had allegedly gotten into a dispute with his mother after she refused to hand him the deed to the property a few days before, reports The Coverage

During their last talk, King’s mother had warned him not to steal any of the family’s assets. 

A witness spotted the burnt vehicle and alerted the police to it. 

Preliminary investigations showed that the vehicle was locked from the inside and investigators suggest that the car might have been burnt two days before its discovery. 

It was also reported that the windows were all wound up before the fire engulfed the car, which resulted in the melted windows. 

The case is currently under investigation.