5-year-old boy in China finds 50,000 yuan at home -- and rips it all to shreds

Restless after being left at home all alone, a five-year-old boy in Qingdao, China decided to have some fun by destroying his father's secret money cash.

According to Shanghaiist, the child had found 50,000 yuan (around S$10,000) hidden in a drawer on May 20 and tore it all into shreds.

It is unclear how his father, surnamed Gao, had initially reacted, but he later gathered the scraps of money and took them to the local bank in a plastic bag.

There, staff informed him that he would have to piece the banknotes back together again if he wanted to swop them for new ones.

Although he was determined to succeed, Gao gave up halfway after finding that many of the bills had been ripped into three or four pieces, while others were in a dozen bits.

e does not blame his son, however, and told reporters: "He's still little, he doesn't know any better."