33-year-old single mother left in coma after hit-and-run accident in Malaysia, sister appeals for witnesses

The sister to a 33-year-old single mother has taken to social media to appeal for witnesses after a hit-and-run accident left the woman in the coma, and the Uber driver who drove her to the destination, dead. 

The victim, Lee Li Yun, was allegedly going to a friend’s birthday celebration in Taman Pelangi Indah, Johor Bahru, on Feb 12, at around 3am when the accident happened.

The Uber driver was killed on the spot while Lee fell into a coma.

Another motorcycle might have been involved in the accident as well, as the police uncovered a bike helmet at the accident scene, reports The Coverage

Said Lee’s heartbroken sister:

“The reckless driver just hit her and ran off.

“Everything was going fine until I got a call from the hospital suddenly.

“I was informed that my sister had gotten into an accident and was admitted to the hospital due to her severe injuries.

“What’s worse, the Uber driver had just gotten married recently.

“He also had a 2-month-old child.”