22-year-old US guy loses more than half his body weight after growing "tired of being fat"

Andy Albertson from Wichita Falls, Texas is shocking and inspiring thousands of people with his amazing transformation.

The 22-year-old recent college graduate weighed 317 pounds (142 kg) at his heaviest after being overweight for most of his life.

According to Viral Thread, his diet comprised mostly of fast food and he never exercised.

He reached his turning point when he simply became "tired of being fat".

“On January 8, 2015, I decided that I was tired of being fat. I was tired of the daily struggles associated with being obese. There was not one particular moment, I was just tired.

“I drastically changed the way I thought about food and exercise. That mindset is what made me so successful.”

Just four months later in May, 2015, he lost 60 pounds (27 kg) thanks to his own daily exercise routine.

However, he wanted to push himself further so he consulted personal trainer Jerry Hughes who helped him plan a 2,400 calorie a day diet and an intensive exercise programme.

To date, Andy has lost 176 pounds (80 kg) which is more than half is starting weight.

He now weights a healthy 64 kg.

He spoke about the amazing impact his new healthy lifestyle had on his transformation:

“I would tell myself that I didn’t care about my weight or what others thought about me but that was a lie. It was a coping mechanism. Now, it’s a whole different story. I love the way I look and feel now. I enjoy going to the gym and challenging myself physically.

“I am so much stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally than I have ever been."

His discipline and determination are an inspiration to all seeking to get healthy.