1,820 drivers caught for improper use of high beams in China: 950 to stare into blinding lights, rather than pay fine

1,820 drivers in China were caught for improper use of their high beams during the evening.

After catching motorists driving with their high beams on illegally, Wenzhou police gave the drivers two choices. 

They could either pay a fine or stare straight into a car's blinding headlights for a lesson their corneas would not forget.

Oddly enough, 950 out of 1,820 drivers chose to save 50 yuan (SGD$10) and put their eyes on the line, People's Daily and Shanghaiist report. 

This unusual punishment was last administered by Shenzhen police in November.

Unsurprisingly, it was met with near unanimous approval from netizens who had apparently been blinded one too many times on the road.

Drivers abusing their high beam lights at night is a serious problem in China.

To fight back, some motorists have even resorted to installing spooky decals on the back of their cars to give high-beam users a fright.