120 flee Spain restaurant 'in stampede' without paying $3,000 bill

Mar 3, 2017

A group of 120 people fled a restaurant en masse in Spain after racking up an unpaid bill of 2,000 euros (S$2,975) on Monday (Feb 27).

They had consumed starters, a main course and 30 bottles of alcoholic drinks before leaving "in a stampede" just as dessert was about to be served, the national El Pais newspaper reported.

The Romanian diners, who did pay a deposit of 900 euros, were celebrating the baptism of two children at the restaurant in Hotel Carmen in Bembibre, Leon province.

"It happened in the space of a minute," restaurant owner Antonio Rodriguez told Leonoticias, adding that his employees could not stop them. "It was something they had planned."

Investigations are ongoing, but Rodriguez is not too optimistic about getting repaid.