11-year-old Nepalese boy slowly turning into 'stone' due to incurable disorder

A 11-year-old Nepalese boy, Ramesh Darji is literally turning into 'stone' due to a tragic and incurable skin condition.

The disorder slowly causes his skin to shed and be replaced with hard, thick scales. 

According to Ramesh’s father, Nanda,  he was born a healthy baby, but 15 days after his birth, his skin began to peel and was replaced with scales, reports The Coverage

The ailment has made it difficult for the boy to walk or even speak. 

Ramesh's parents tried seeking help from various doctors, all of whom told them that it was a fungal infection but said that there was little they could do.

Said Nanda:

"His skin started peeling off 15 days after he was born and then new skin began to grow very thick. It hardened and turned black, we had no idea what to do about it. No one helped us."