Fear of lizards is non-existent for this woman who keeps a dog-sized one as a pet

While some might shudder at the sight of lizards, one woman in California, USA, embraces them with love.

According to Bored Panda, the woman, Ice, keeps a dog-sized Argentine red tegu lizard as a pet.

The huge red lizard, MacGyver, has become a social media celebrity of sorts after Ice posted its photos on Instagram.

The images show MacGyver going about its day-to-day activities, which include eating, lying on its owners' bed and getting cuddled. 

Currently, the unusual 4-year-old pet has 156,000 Instagram followers and 44,000 on YouTube. That's not all, MacGyver even has it own LinkedIn account.

Have a look at photos of the scaly sensation in the gallery above.