E-scooter riders think Tampines Ave 2 is their grandfather's road by riding against traffic

Submitted by Stomper JD

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Stomper JD saw two men riding against the flow of traffic on an e-scooter along Tampines Avenue 2 at around 8.30pm on Jul 6.

In a video the Stomper sent, the duo can be seen travelling in between lanes two and three on a three-lane road.

JD, who was turning into Tampines Avenue 2 when her dashboard camera recorded what happened, told Stomp in a telephone interview that the road was empty at that point as vehicles had stopped at a traffic junction.

However, she expressed doubts at whether drivers can stop in time if they were turning into the street at a high speed. 

The Stomper elaborated:

"Drivers might not be able to see them in time, especially if the riders were to ride nearer to the right-most lane.

"They are putting themselves and other motorists at risk.

"It is very dangerous."

JD believes the e-scooter riders were males in their early twenties.