'You almost caused my son and wife to fly out of their seats': Van driver jams on brakes because of CashCard problem

Submitted by Stomper Collin

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Stomper Collin was almost involved in a chain collision at around 8am on Monday (May 22) along the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE), before the Alexandra exit, thanks to a van driver who abruptly stopped just before the Electronic Road Pricing gantry because of CashCard issues.

In the videos Collin contributed, a white van can be seen driving along the AYE when it suddenly comes to a halt. The Stomper is forced to abruptly slow down to avoid crashing into the van, and thankfully, the drivers behind him follow suit. 

As the Stomper overtakes the van, the van driver appears to be placing a CashCard into the In-Vehicle Unit (IU). 

Said the Stomper:

"I was almost involved in an accident because the driver forgot to install his CashCard into the IU machine.

"Because of his actions, my wife and son almost flew from their seats.

"To the driver of PA2557C, next time remember your CashCard and don't do this at the last minute. It is very dangerous to other road users. 

"Thankfully, other drivers were also alert."