Volkswagen driver can't tell left from right, cuts into Stomper's path to make illegal U-turn

Submitted by Stomper Collin

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If you need further proof that some drivers ought to go back to driving school, here's more.

Stomper Collin was driving along One Tree Hill near Wheelock Place at around 3pm yesterday (May 24) when he almost crashed into a Volkswagen that signalled it's intention to turn left but made an illegal U-turn to the right instead. 

In the video Collin contributed, the driver of the red Volkswagen can be seen signalling her intention to turn left into Jalan Arnap.

Just before the Stomper can overtake the vehicle and continue along One Tree Hill, the Volkswagen makes an abrupt right turn, cutting into the Stomper's path, before proceeding to make an illegal U-turn. 

Said the Stomper: 

"To the driver, if you are not sure where to go, please stop and turn on your hazard lights.

"Make sure there are no vehicles before you make a U-turn. You think the road belongs to your Ah Kong (Grandfather) ah?"