Stomper frightened after driver SLA7544D going against traffic flow nearly crashed into him

Submitted by Stomper Sean

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Stomper Sean was shocked when he had a near-accident with a driver who went against traffic flow along Vocational Drive yesterday (Jan 6) at around 1.30pm.

According to Sean, the driver also nearly collided with a motorcyclist but simply ignored other motorists and continued on.

Sean said:

"Terrible... Another driver going the opposite direction at Vocational Drive near Fairfield Methodist School.

"I was frightened when he almost head-on banged into my car.

"After that, he nearly knocked into a motorcyclist that was turning into the one-way road. But he ignored other drivers and simply continued on."

The Stomper said that he has filed a police report online.

This is the latest case in a recent spate of incidents whereby drivers have been caught on camera going against traffic flow.

Four out of five of these drivers have been identified by the Traffic Police. One of them has been arrested while the other three are currently assisting with investigations.