SKC8761M makes a U-turn along Woodlands Ave 6 -- from the middle lane

Submitted by Stomper Legacy

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Stomper Legacy was driving along Woodlands Avenue 6 this morning (Jan 27) when he saw the driver of a white car make a U-turn at the junction from the middle lane.

In the video the Stomper contributed, a white car can be seen changing from the right to the middle lane. 

Instead of stopping at the red light, the driver proceeds to make a U-turn from the middle lane, cutting across the path of the Stomper.

Said the Stomper:

"Be considerate and be mindful of other road users. Most importantly, put what you learnt in driving school to good use or go back and learn how to U-turn in a proper manner.

"Please signal your intention (to turn) instead of cutting in and out of lanes without due consideration to other road users."

Check out the video below!