Serial parking fee evader at Toa Payoh Central: He'll wait in dark corner before tailgating vehicles

Submitted by Stomper Damien

This story was submitted via Web contribution form.

Stomper Damien alerted Stomp to a motorcyclist who tailgated his vehicle last night (Apr 3) to avoid paying the parking fee at the carpark gantry leading to Blk 190, along Toa Payoh Central.

According to Damien, this is the third time the motorcyclist has been tailgating his car, and he has since reported him to the Housing Development Board.

In the video he contributed, a black motorcycle with licence plate number FBE6705K can be seen approaching the Stomper's car as he exits the multi-storey carpark. The motorcyclist looks behind for approaching vehicles repeatedly as he waits for the Stomper to drive to the gantry. 

The appearance of another motorcyclist does not faze the serial parking fee evader, and he continues to do what he does best: tailgaiting the Stomper until he exits the carpark.

Said the Stomper:

"Apparently, he is always waiting at some corner for a lone car to drive towards the gantry before following behind.

"Notice how he looks behind him as he follows my car.

"The motorcyclist behind him must have been shocked at what he saw." 

Check out the video the Stomper contributed below.