See how car driver almost causes accident by going against traffic flow to overtake lorry at Old Tampines Rd

Submitted by Stomper Sally

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Stomper Sally’s husband was driving along Old Tampines Road towards Hougang yesterday (Feb 28) at 12.45pm when he encountered a driver who was going against the traffic flow in order to overtake a lorry.

In the video that Sally sent to Stomp, her husband’s car is cruising down Old Tampines Road, which is a two-lane road.

In the next lane, a red lorry can be seen coming into view, when a black car suddenly appears from behind the truck and drives into Sally’s husband’s lane, against the flow of traffic.

Upon noticing the black car, Sally’s husband honks at the driver, but the driver does not slow down or stop. Sally’s husband has to stop his car to avoid a head-on collision with the errant driver, who then cuts back in front of the red lorry.

Sally told Stomp:

“This is really too dangerous.

“Even when my husband honked at him, the driver didn’t react.”