Reckless van driver dangerously overtakes motorcyclist twice and almost hits him

Submitted by Stomper Tan

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Stomper Tan was riding his motorbike along Serangoon Avenue 2 when he encountered a reckless van driver on Feb 22.

The driver attempted to overtake the rider twice and almost hit him while doing so.

He indicated late and also attempted to change lanes before ensuring that it was safe to do so.

Said the Stomper:

"It was a two-lane road and I was in the left lane.

"Suddenly, this van driver of GBC3290U made an unclear check and was about to turn into my lane.

"He nearly hit me the first time.

"I horned at him to alert the driver of my presence.

"When I was further along the left lane, the van driver tailgated me and overtook me from a very close range which was a dangerous move.

"I was nearly hit a second time by this driver's action.

"I was angry but I stayed cool so I hope this video can expose him to the public and authorities so that justice can be done.

"His dumb actions nearly caused an accident and endangered another motorist's life."

Watch the video below.