Reckless Subaru driver beats red light at intersection and narrowly misses hitting cyclist

Submitted by Stomper Erik

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Stomper Erik was about to cross an intersection near Blk 172A Edgedale Plains in Punggol when a blue Subaru dashed in front of him to beat the traffic light. 

The incident happened yesterday (Jan 07) at around 11:30am.

Said the alarmed driver:

“I was lucky that I had looked to my right and seen the Subaru coming.

“It was travelling at a really fast speed.

“I stopped the car to see if the driver would stop his car too, but he didn’t and just sped across the junction.

“It’s fortunate that the cyclist at the traffic junction was riding slowly, or else he would have collided with the Subaru.”

Erik has submitted the video as evidence to the Traffic Police and the case is currently under investigation.