Reckless driver beats the red light at Yishun St 22, almost crashes into Stomper's car

Submitted by Stomper Soma

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Stomper Soma was on the way to make a delivery on Thursday afternoon (Jan 26) at Yishun St 22 when he narrowly avoided colliding into a car which had beat the red light.

In the video he submitted to Stomp, the Stomper was about to make a turn at the traffic junction, when a silver car appeared on the other side of the road.

Instead of stopping at the red light, the silver car instead sped through the junction, passing dangerously close to the Stomper's car and forcing the Stomper to pull to a sudden halt.

Luckily, the Stomper’s car was moving slowly, and he did not end up crashing into the reckless driver’s car.

The Stomper has already reported the incident to the traffic police.

Watch the video below.