Pedestrians almost crushed by tipper truck that crashed into traffic light at Pioneer Rd

Two pedestrians were almost crushed by a speeding tipper truck that went out of control during a turn and crashed into a traffic light at Pioneer Road.

A video of the incident, which took place at 6.15pm on May 14, was uploaded on by Gary Lee.

In the post, a tipper truck is seen speeding into right turn at the junction at Pioneer Road.

The driver, however, goes wide due to the speed of the truck.

The truck ends up driving onto the pedestrian crossing area, almost running over two pedestrians who were waiting to cross the road.

The two pedestrians, thankfully, spotted the danger and managed to jump out of the way of the truck.

The tipper truck then crashed into the traffic light post, completely knocking it down.

Said the page administrators in their post:

"Although car cam could not get hold of car plate, we are sure traffic police will attend to this case as there is public asset (traffic light) involved.

"We hope the truck driver will be prosecuted with a suspension of driving.

"This is recklessness without any excuse.

"Hope TP will use this video as evidence to prosecute him."