Most suay driver ever? Stomper encounters 6 reckless drivers in 6 days

Submitted by Stomper Ridzuan

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The number six, pronounced in Mandarin as 'Liu', is considered lucky in business. This is because it sounds similar to the Chinese word for "smooth".

Despite its auspicious nature, life on the road has been far from smooth for Stomper Ridzuan, who encountered a whopping six reckless drivers in a short span of six days.  

In a phone interview, Ridzuan said that he decided to compile a video of all the reckless drivers he had faced in the past week because he was frustrated by the lack of respect drivers here had for one another.

In the video he contributed, all the reckless drivers can be seen cutting into the Stomper's lane abruptly. 

He said:

"The locations the incidents occurred at include Bukit Merah, River Valley, Bukit Batok and along the Pan Island Expressway.

"There were times when I was driving with my two children and we nearly got into an accident thanks to the reckless drivers.

"I want to spread an awareness of this issue and to remind drivers to have mutual respect for one another."