Malaysian bus driver swerves between lanes like lunatic trying to chase pickup after getting honked at

A Malaysian family were driving home from a wedding in Genting Highlands on Mar 18 when they encountered a crazed bus driver.

One of the family members posted a video and wrote about the incident in a post on We are Malaysians.

As they were heading into a two-lane tunnel, a bus with licence plate WWU5909 came flying through the tunnel in the fast lane.

The driver was going so fast that everyone in the pickup was shocked.

"Furious and concerned as we had my one-year-old baby in the car with us, my mother tried to 'get away' from this dangerous lunatic," wrote Tunku Khalsom Ibrahim.

"He began to chase us, weaving in an out of the cars as you can see in the video.

"He came right up behind us on several occasions. He didn't signal once, just flitted from lane to lane for his own ridiculous "vengeance".

"He managed to overtake us, as I insisted my Mother slow down with my baby in the car, so he managed to get ahead of us.

"And of course in true foul fashion he drove right ahead of us, intermittently slamming on the breaks and not allowing us to get past him.

"On our first few attempts to overtake he tried to squash us into the divider.

"Luckily, we managed to lose him at the toll.

"This is absolutely disgusting and dangerous behaviour!

"How can this man be allowed to drive a coach.

"He's endangering the lives of his passengers and all the people around him, and for what?? A little honking of the horn?!

"His blatant disregard for safe driving and the safety of those around him is outrageous and I urge you to share this video to create some awareness for this unacceptable behaviour.

"We are lucky nothing terrible happened, but we all know too well how many lives are lost from tragic accidents on these buses.

"To the driver of this coach. F**k you for endangering the lives of me and my family, and all the other people on the road.

"You are an absolute disgrace and should not be allowed to drive!

"I hope that the appropriate action is taken by the relevant authorities and the bus company.

"We have already made a complaint to SPAD (Land Public Transport Commission) and are awaiting a response."