Is this a new trend? Stomper shocked to see car going against traffic amidst more similar incidents 

Submitted by Stomper Roshan

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Stomper Roshan was driving along the road opposite The Star Vista yesterday (Jan 06) at around 5.25pm and got the shock of his life when he saw an oncoming black sedan vehicle on the right lane -- in the opposite direction.

The incident was caught on his car camera and Roshan subsequently sent the videos to Stomp.

In the videos, the sedan could be seen driving towards Roshan's vehicle in the right lane.

It passed by Roshan's vehicle before coming to a halt, making a turn at a roundabout before resuming the correct direction. 

Said the driver:

"For a moment, I thought I was on the wrong lane.

"Luckily I was on a different lane, otherwise it could have been dangerous.

"I advise all drivers to stay vigilant and always practise safe driving.”

The incident comes as the latest to a recent spate of instances where cars travel against the traffic flow

Watch the videos below.