Inconsiderate Mercedes driver turns into oncoming traffic then stops car and blocks road

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Stomper Adam was driving alone Yuk Tong Avenue when he saw a Mercedes driver turn right from Chun Tin Road into oncoming traffic yesterday afternoon (March 2).

Yuk Tong Avenue is a one-way street with two lanes.

Not only did the Mercedes driver dangerously go against traffic, he then stopped his car right then and there to go out and talk to someone.

Said Adam:

"I flashed my high-beam and horned at him when I saw him turn into Yuk Tong Avenue.

"However, he just gave me an unfriendly stare and stopped his car to go about his business.

"He then got out of his car after gathering papers to talk to another guy next to the Korean Dessert Cafe."

By stopping his car he blocked drivers from using the lane to turn right.

"Many drivers flashed their high-beam at him but he did not seem to care," added Adam.

Motorists were forced to filter to the left lane to navigate around the Mercedes.