I didn't dare to go near him: Speeding lorry weaves in and out of lanes along SLE

Submitted by Stomper Unsafe

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Stomper Unsafe was on his way to visit relatives when he saw a lorry speeding and driving recklessly along the Seletar Expressway.

In the video the Stomper contributed to Stomp, captured by his passenger's handphone around two weeks ago, a lorry can be seen speeding along the expressway.

While it is unclear what speed the lorry was traveling at, it is clearly speeding in relation to the other heavy vehicles on the road.

After the Stomper manages to overtake the lorry, the lorry can be seen weaving dangerously from lane to lane.

It also manages to keep up with the Stomper's vehicle along the expressway. 

Said the Stomper:

"When I noticed the lorry from afar, I thought the driver was crazy for driving so dangerously.

"I didn't dare to go near him until I was certain it would be safe."

Check out the video below!