How ironic! Everyone can be a safer driver, except perhaps this motorist

Submitted by Stomper Bradley

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Every now and then, we come across sights that are jst so ironic, they are hard to believe at first look.

Like this scene that greeted Stomper Bradley at the Mediapolis carpark between 8 to 8.30pm on May 13.

The Stomper saw a car that was parked illegally on the road there, blocking the pedestrain walkway there.

The irony was that the car was covered in advertisements with the message, "Everyone can be a safer driver."

Said Bradley:

"They pay to advertise on this vehicle while promoting safe driving and the clueless driver of this car thinks it's okay to park illegally in a pedestrian area.

"People had to walk down stairs and cross blindly now because of where this self entitled driver thinks he has the right to park.

"He's also in the driving lane for the exit of the carpark and blocking cars as well as pedestrians.

"The security aunty was furious with htis as well, and was going around taking photos of those who had parked illegally at that carpark."