GPS error or motorist problem? Honda Vezel driver cuts illegally across traffic at Kim Seng Rd

Sometimes, following your GPS without looking up at the traffic or road markings and signs can be dangerous.

Just take this clip, posted on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road by Clarence Ng, for example.

It shows a Honda Vezel driver waiting at a right-turn only lane leading to a one-way street at Kim Seng Road.

However, instead of making a right turn, the driver cuts across traffic to the road across.

In doing so, he almost knocked down a woman and a child, who were jaywalking.

The post on Beh Chia Lor states that the car is a Private Hire Vehicle (PHV), leading the page administrators and many commenters to believe that the driver was following the directions shown on the Global Positioning System (GPS).

They pointed out that sometimes, GPS might not show the updates to the roads, and drivers might be putting themselves in danger by following it without being aware of their surroundings.

Both also pointed out that drivers should take note of road signs and street markings to ensure that they are following the road rules.

View the clip below. Do you think this is a case of the driver following the GPS blindly, or is he or she simply going against traffic to save time?