E-scooter rider almost runs over little girl after beating red light

A young girl was inches away from being knocked down by an electric-scooter (e-scooter) rider at a pedestrian crossing at Bukit Batok West Avenue, as shown in a clip posted online recently.

The video, posted on ROADS.sg, shows cars vehicles coming to a halt as the lights turn red, and pedestrians start to cross.

The little girl runs across the crossing, just as an e-scooter rider comes speeding down the road.

The rider beats the red light and speeds by the pedestrians, almost knocking down the little girl and another man who was crossing.

The girl is seen jumping and holding a man's hand after being startled by the speeding e-scooter rider.

"If little girl had run faster by three steps, she would be badly hurt by this accident," said the caption for the video.

The caption also highlighted that the rider was not wearing a helmet either.