Driver who parks illegally berates LTA officer for taking photos of his car, says he'll 'see PM'

Submitted by Stomper Ah Boy

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A video circulating on WhatsApp shows the driver of a black Mazda SLJ8944D confronting an LTA officer for taking photos of his car, after he allegedly stopped his vehicle illegally at a no waiting zone to throw rubbish.

The video was sent in to Stomp by Stomper Ah Boy

In the video taken by the agitated driver, he told the officer to ‘use his brain’, despite the officer calmly explaining the offence to him, and advising him to bring up his concerns with LTA.

The driver replied that he ‘doesn’t care’ and ‘will see the Prime Minister’. 

At one point, the driver even said:

“I have to get out of my car to throw rubbish.

“Right or not?

“You want me to eat my rubbish?

“People got eat rubbish a not?"

Said Ah Boy:

“Why must this driver throw rubbish specifically at this area?

“Why not just stop at any bus stop where there are rubbish bins?

“Plus, it's a no waiting zone."

The location and timing of the incident cannot be verified.