Driver stops car on road, blocks traffic and goes for leisurely stroll at Senja Rd

Submitted by Stomper Serene

Stomper Serene is frustrated with one of her neighbours who frequently obstructs traffic by stopping on a road leading out of the carpark at Block 636A Senja Road.

Serene sent in a video of him doing this yet again this morning (Feb 21) at around 7.12am during the busy morning commute.

"He does this almost every day between 7.10  to 7.15am," said Serene.

It is unclear why he does this but he will get out of his vehicle to cross the road towards what looks to be a coffeeshop.

He inconsiderately forces other drivers to overtake his vehicle while exiting the carpark instead of just finding a proper lot to park his car.

Watch the video below.