Driver overtakes on road shoulder-- and speeds off after hitting car

Motorists are only allowed to stop on road shoulders in an emergency, which is rule most of us know about.

And yet, there are some who willing flout this rule for their own convenience, like the driver seen in this clip posted on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road.

A dashboard camera video submitted to the page by Denise Lim shows the driver of a large Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) overtaking other cars on a one-lane filter road by using the road shoulder.

According to the caption on the page, the driver also hit a car and sped off without stopping.

When Stomp checked the law about driving on a road shoulder, the Singapore Statutes Online by the Attorney-General's Chambers lists:

No vehicle shall be driven, moved, stopped or allowed to remain at rest on any shoulder or verge except in accordance with rule;

-Where it is necessary for a vehicle to stop or remain at rest while it is on an expressway

(a) by reason of a breakdown or mechanical defect or lack of fuel, oil or water required for the vehicle;

(b) by reason of any illness, accident or emergency;

(c) to permit any person in or on the vehicle to recover or remove any object which has fallen on the expressway; or

(d) to permit any person in or on the vehicle to give help to any other person in any of the circumstances specified in this paragraph, the vehicle shall, as soon as is practicable, be driven or moved off the carriageway to the shoulder or verge on the left or near side of the vehicle.

A vehicle which is at rest on a shoulder or verge in any of the circumstances specified in above paragraph.