BMW driver makes abrupt right turn on straight lane, crashes into van at Geylang Lor 3

People love to slam a reckless driver.

That hatred is multiplied exponentially when a BMW driver is involved.

To be fair, not all BMW drivers are bad.

Sadly, a few bad apples being repeatedly caught breaking road rules and getting into accidents tend to strengthen this stereotype.

Just like this driver who was travelling along Geylang LorongĀ 3 and Sims Avenue Drive 3 att 11.56am on March 6.

The BMW driver tried to make an abrupt, and illegal, right turn on a lane meant for vehicles heading straight.

The reckless driver ended up crashing into a van.

"Video is shared to assist the van driver in his insurance claims against the BMW," said Mike Victor, who uploaded the clip on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road.