Biker abruptly cuts into Stomper's lane and glares at him when honked at

Submitted by Stomper IWitness

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper IWitness was driving near Ngee Ann Polytechnic at around 8.30am today (Apr 25) when he encountered an inconsiderate biker who abruptly cut into his lane and glared at him when honked at.

In the video the Stomper contributed, the biker can be seen cutting into the Stomper's path from the left. 

Said the Stomper:

"When I was driving forward, he cut in and I honked at him. 

"I was politely signalling to him to be more mindful of oncoming vehicles since he suddenly cut in from the left lane. 

"However, he stopped to stare and he gave me a "come challenge me" look.

"I waved to him to go and he did. I did not want to have any commotion or confrontation.

"What's wrong to honk and alert someone? Why must one think otherwise?

"It does not pay to be kind."

Check out the video IWitness contributed.