Aunty, you drive against traffic and still have the cheek to high-beam others

What do you do if you realise you are going against traffic? You can try making it look like everyone else is at fault, like this aunty did.

In a clip posted on the Facebook page by Edmund Tan, a driver was travelling along Tiong Bahru Road at 6.50pm yesterday (Mar 29).

When reaching near Leng Kee Road, the driver is forced to stop abruptly thanks to an aunty driving against traffic.

The aunty appears to have missed the left turn bend, and ends up making a left-turn against the flow of traffic.

And on top of that, she flashes the high-beam at the other driver, who is travelling in the right direction.

Though it is unclear if she did so to warn the other driver or because she genuinely thought she was in the right.

She subsequently cuts back onto the left-most lane, where she was supposed to be all along.

Netizens, however, pointed out that the turn might not that confusing, as the road signs and direction markings were clear.