Audi driver makes reckless lane change, then jams on the brakes when honked at

Submitted by Stomper Felix

Stomper Felix was horrified to witness an unpleasant incident along Central Expressway (CTE) near the Ang Mo Kio exit yesterday (Jan 17) at around 7.13pm, where an Audi driver recklessly switched lanes and played a mini braking game when honked at. 

Said the enraged Stomper: 

"I was happily singing on the way back home, when this Audi driver decided to dangerously cut lanes.

"I had to quickly tilt left to prevent crashing into the Audi car. 

"When I sounded a horn at the driver, he played a mini braking game.

"The driver jammed on the brakes a few times, even when there were no near vehicles ahead of him." 

"What is wrong with the driver? I hope the authority can do something about such drivers," added Felix.