Another Merc goondu going against traffic, this time at New Market Rd

Submitted by Stomper Elan

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Despite the frequent news coverage on drivers going against traffic, it seems like there are some who are too stubborn to change their ways.

Stomper Elan was at New Market Road yesterday (Apr 25) at around 9am when he encountered a driver of a Mercedes-Benz ignoring a no-entry sign and driving against the flow of traffic along the one-way road.

In the video Elan contributed, the driver can be seen making a left turn into New Market Road from Merchant Road, and making a subsequent right turn into the lobby of Park Regis Singapore.

Said the Stomper:

"I'm sure the driver knew it was a one-way road. He just didn't want to make a big round because it was during the morning peak hour.

"I think it's very dangerous. When commuters cross the road, they will only look to one direction because it is a one-way road.

"Driving against traffic puts everyone at risk."