Accident involving 2 cars, motorcycle and van outside St. Andrew's Village causes huge jam

Submitted by Stomper Travis, Mei Wu

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An accident involving a van, two cars, and a motorbike occurred near Saint Andrew's Village towards Potong Pasir yesterday (May 6) at around 6.40pm. 

Stomper Travis and Mei Wu were in the vicinity and managed to snap photos of the incident, which they forwarded to Stomp.

From the photos, the bonnet of a black car was visibly crushed, seemingly having crashed into a van ahead. 

Just beside the two vehicles was another overturned car. 

According to Mei Wu who was at the site at 7.20pm, members of the SCDF (Singapore Civil Defence Force)  had arrived, along with an ambulance. 

There was also a heavy jam due to the accident.

Stomp has reached out to the SCDF for a statement on the incident.